Is your company looking to reduce the cost of an E-Learning course? Global Teams Learning achieves a reduction of up to 30% with quality and scalability.

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¿Cómo LMSEDK Empresarial Global Teams Learning reduce los costos de capacitación?

Allocating a budget for the creation of your e-learning courses that will be part of your staff training plan will help you recognize what resources you need and how much they will cost.

You can start by hiring a team of professionals to be in charge of creating your online courses. Two crucial positions on your team will be an instructional designer and a subject matter expert (SME).

Instructional Designer

Instructional designers will be the ones to pace the course and develop it in a way that makes it engaging for your team. They create the course curriculum and help determine what levels of interactivity will be most effective in relation to your learning objectives. These designers do not have the knowledge to create course content but they do have the knowledge to create the course format and activities that make the training interactive.

Subject Matter Expert (SME)

An SME or subject matter expert is a professional with in-depth knowledge in a specific area of expertise, knowledge of the subject matter you are trying to teach your employees. They are experts in a process, software, function or department. They will be responsible for writing your actual content and the instructional designer will help make it understandable to each employee. The two of you will work hand in hand to create relevant and accurate courses for your employees.

The cost of these two people will play an important role in your course budget.

Costs are generally determined on the basis of hourly resource rates by the total number of hours of your project.

The costs involved in developing a traditional e-learning course are extremely variable. On average it is necessary to hire at least:

  1. Experts in the field
  2. Instructional Designers
  3. Project Managers
  4. Content Creators

The staff of professionals that are indispensable for the creation of your courses can strengthen the budget of your training plan. It all depends on how complex and interactive each course is.

We could break down the costs one by one, but in summary and depending on the length of the course, your company can save 30% on average by using an LMS (Learning Management System) platform like Global Teams Learning that specializes in corporate training.

An LMS (Global Teams Learning) is an incredibly useful resource for any trainer.

You can save time by using built-in tools and templates to create courses quickly, or reuse existing course materials for multiple learners.

It also has administrative advantages: you can automate grading and progress tracking tasks, as well as easily make updates without starting from scratch. In addition, it has great scalability.

Why did LMSEDK Empresarial emerge and why is it growing?

The need to train thousands of users in a short time and at a lower cost led to the development of LMSEDK Empresarial Global Teams Learning Empresarial. This online platform seeks to comply with Federal Labor Law regulations and reduce labor risks, while facilitating the identification of qualified employees for successive positions and offering real-time information on the costs of training courses.

Key Benefits of LMSEDK Enterprise Global Teams Learning Enterprise for E-Learning Courses

These are just some of the benefits of our platform, there are many more!

  • Intuitive and customizable interface
  • Flexible integration and portability
  • Scalability and multi-platform compatibility
  • Automatic DC3 and DC4 templates for training validation

4X reduction in time to generate DC3 and DC4 formats

Developed with the same technology as Facebook and WhatsApp, Global Teams Learning is light and agile. The platform is able to reduce by 400% the time needed to generate DC3 and DC4 formats, which translates into speed and efficiency in the management of employee training.

Your company can save more than 30% in training costs 

An e-learning platform such as Global Teams Learning Enterprise is a cost-effective and efficient investment for companies looking to optimize their training resources. By complying with the corresponding regulations and offering a friendly and efficient system, Global Teams Learning is key in a competitive business world. Don't wait any longer and give your company the opportunity to grow and improve with Global Teams Learning, the consultation is FREE!

A challenge met: QUALTIA success story

QUALTIA faced a difficult problem: they needed to quickly train a large number of staff from all over the world to meet their objectives. They had to find an efficient and cost-effective way to do this, which seemed almost impossible given their limited resources.

That's when they decided to seek the help of LMSEDK Enterprise, which offered them Global Teams Learning, an enterprise learning management system. This system promised not only greater efficiency, but also security for QUALTIA's data, as it required biometric logins for each user group.

El sistema funcionó a la perfección: los usuarios aprendieron rápidamente a utilizarlo y su diseño intuitivo les permitió acceder al material educativo con facilidad. En sólo un mes, QUALTIA consiguió triplicar el número de personal formado, ¡ahorrando costes al mismo tiempo!

Thanks to Global Teams Learning and LMSEDK QUALTIA was able to meet its objectives effectively and efficiently. Not only did they save money by using this innovative technology, but they were also able to ensure that staff in all regions received the right training in record time!

Ready to train your staff in record time? Give us a call!

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